Black Nose Job

Average Length of Stay
7 Days
Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Day
Operation Duration
2-4 Hours
General Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1-2 Weeks

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Black nose job in Turkey has become a commonly performed ethnic plastic surgery procedure in Turkey for patients looking to preserve their unique ethnic features while undergoing a cosmetic surgery or a correction of health-related conditions such as a deviated septum.

Black nose surgery is one of the ethnic nose job Turkey treatments designed to create a more refined version of the nose structure and facial appearance--while maintaining the nuances of your culture.

Many African American patients find the widened frontal view is the most bothersome issue, especially at the tip and nasal base.

Additionally, there is a real lack of bridge height in some black patients. Because the black nose is a prominent and defining facial feature, a minor alternation can produce dramatic results.

Male and female African American nose surgery patients may desire to:
Balance a wide nose to achieve improved facial harmony
Narrow the tip or nostrils

Other ethnic plastic surgery treatments in Turkey


Asian rhinoplasty Turkey

Asian Rhinoplasty in Turkey is another treatment of ethnic plastic surgery offering an attractive nasal structure that is more complimentary to the overall facial appearance.

Asian nose job surgery can create more fullness to a mid-face void--in a straight on view--giving the nose a more visible height.

Good candidates for black nose surgery in Turkey


Black man nose job in Turkey

African American male rhinoplasty can help black men maintain their masculine appearance while enhancing their profile.

Black rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey

Nose job on a black nose in Istanbul

As experts in the field of ethnic plastic surgery, our board-certified black nose surgery specialists employ the latest cosmetic surgery techniques to achieve the best possible results.

Our plastic surgeons primarily use the patient’s own tissues to shape the bridge or tip of the nose. The Fascia grafting technique is commonly used by our nose job surgeons in Istanbul for black rhinoplasty patients in order to enhance the appearance of the bridge and tip.

African American rhinoplasty surgery techniques in Turkey

A successful African American nose surgery requires painstaking precision and higher attention to detail than a standard nose surgery in Turkey.

Despite common misconceptions, the African American nose displays diverse variability. As far as the black rhinoplasty surgical procedure is concerned, there are various cosmetic surgical techniques typically used to alter the nose and to rejuvenate and rebuild the appearance around the nose.

African American surgery techniques performed in Istanbul vary depending on the characteristics of the African-American nose being corrected in order to achieve a personalized result. Patients whose ancestors originate from one region of the African continent may display flatter noses and wider nostrils; whereas those from another region may significantly exhibit more nose bridge and tip definition.

African American nose job in Turkey is performed using an open or closed technique, which refers to where the incisions will be made to access the underlying nasal structure.

We are committed to providing a comfortable surgical experience and the shortest healing times possible. For this reason, sutures are dissolvable to aid a faster and a more convenient recovery process.


Closed rhinoplasty African American approach

In a closed nose surgery, the incisions will be made only within the nasal cavity of the patients.

Open rhinoplasty African American approach

In an open nose surgery technique, a tiny incision will be made at the base of the nose, granting the doctor full access to the underlying structure.

Our ethnic nose surgery doctors in Turkey will determine which surgical technique is the most appropriate for you based on your unique anatomical structure.

Non-surgical nose job for black patients

For African American patients looking for a non-invasive alternative to Rhinoplasty, non-surgical black nose job in Turkey can address the concerns of black patients with subtle, natural-looking results.
During the pre-surgery consultation, our plastic surgery doctors will decide if your aesthetic goals can be met with a non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment for black patients. 

Black nose job doctors in Turkey

We take pride in offering the best ethnic rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey boasting years of experience in facial plastic surgery and exceptional skills required to deliver natural looking results. Our ethnic nose surgeons in Istanbul are capable of making major aesthetic alternations—without diminishing the ethnic heritage that is so precious to the patient.

Before performing a black nose surgery procedure in Istanbul, our African American rhinoplasty specialists will carefully assess the patient’s condition and discuss with him or her their aesthetic goals to ensure optimal harmony between the nose and the other facial features.

Operating in Istanbul, one of Europe’s largest multicultural cities, our ethnic plastic surgeons have experience performing nose surgery on patients from every continent. This gives them an exceptional edge in understanding the ethnic nuances and the unique differences of non-Caucasian patients.

They treat patients from all cultural backgrounds and have extensive experience in treating patients of African descent. Black rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey will give you a candid assessment of what they can achieve with your rhinoplasty procedure.

They are acclaimed for their ability to craft exceptionally natural, harmonious noses—and are constantly praised for their inventive skills and artistic flair.

Black nose surgery recovery

The typical healing period for an African American rhinoplasty is relatively short compared to other ethnic plastic surgery treatments. For the first few days, you will experience some swelling and bruising around the eyes, which will be gone by the third day. The bruising, however, can take 7 to 10 days to subside.

African American rhinoplasty patients may experience some discomfort for the first few days, which can be relieved with appropriate pain medications.

The doctor will cover the nose with a splint which will support the healing of the nasal bones—and will be removed typically on the sixth or seventh day. Sutures will be removed by the eighth or ninth day.

Black rhinoplasty recovery is quite uneventful.Patients may resume light activity by the eighth day. Full exercise is allowed within 2 weeks following the surgery; however vigorous activities which must be avoided during the first 6 weeks.


Cost of black nose job surgery in Turkey

 The price of black nose surgery in Istanbul is relatively inexpensive for UK patients—thanks to a variety of favorable factors. The high exchange rate of the Turkish Lira to the English pound and the lower overhead cost in Istanbul make for an affordable medical treatment. Plastic surgery patients traveling to Turkey for black nose job surgery are expected to save up to 70 percent on the treatment.