Quality & Transparency


Our goal is to increase the quality of services we offer to our patients. We accomplish this by prioritizing patient experience and satisfaction. We exclusively work with specialized and experienced surgeons to ensure that the procedure is safe and that the results are satisfactory. Furthermore, our surgeons only operate in A+ hospitals that are outfitted with the highest quality equipment to guarantee that your procedure is problem-free for everyone included. Our comprehensive aftercare service includes 5-star hotel accommodations with nurse services available  24/7 to provide the highest quality journey possible.

 As a part of our quality policy, we regularly give training to our employees to improve service quality while also ensuring employee and patient safety. We assess patient and employee satisfaction regularly and then analyze the results to improve the services we provide. 


Transparency in the healthcare industry encourages a better quality of treatment at multiple levels. Additionally, it tremendously strengthens our patients' relationships and their level of trust in us. Patients who are fully informed are more likely to trust their surgeon and have confidence in the decisions they make regarding the possible treatment option. Having a full understanding of the procedure you’ll be going through, and finding a qualified surgeon, provider, premises, and aftercare services are vital factors to go in your research list when you’re considering treatment. To help patients in their research, Clinichub stands alone as a treatment provider with a team of professionals, by having a uniquely open and transparent forum for patients where they can freely share their stories, experiences, results, and recommendations about the procedures and Clinichub surgeons. We create spaces and environments where our patients, patient relatives, and employees can freely share their thoughts with us. Clinichub can be seen on various platforms where patients can publicly or privately talk and share images with new members. This gives individualistic insights into treatments that wasn’t possible before ClinicHub. Platforms are a personal yet impartial form of education and advice opportunity that proved and continues to prove extremely positive among prospective patients.

From pre-op to post-op, our team shares comprehensive health information with our patients to enhance results and customer satisfaction. Our consent forms contain extensive information regarding the operation and possible outcomes. We aim to change lives, therefore our transparency with our patients allows them to achieve the best and healthiest outcomes.  We store all of our patient data according to the Personal Data Protection Law, which we ensure that the collection and processing of personal data are fair, lawful, and transparent.

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