Pre-Op Guide

This guide is a collection of advice from real-life Clinichub patients, put together to help you through your journey with us. These fun tips and hints will be the answer to almost every question you may have at any stage of your adventure.


  • Carry a note pad with you a few days before the consultation to write down any questions which may pop up in your head. Take your notes with you during your consultation and write down the answers so that you’re fully informed about the procedure.
  • Take tight sports bras for trying on implants/sizes to have an understanding of the size you want.
  • Ask about different types of implants and figure out which is best for you.
  • Overs, unders or partials – understand the differences and decide which one is right for your body type.
  • Remember the size of the implant does not determine the cup size. Each implant creates a different cup size depending on your existing breast tissue. Discuss with your surgeon about exactly what you want and they will advise.
  • Ask about and be aware of the possibility of rippling after your implants have settled.
  •  Don’t have too big implants if you don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue to cover them.
  • Discuss finance plans if not paying in full – your PC can advise you. Clinichub can offer financial packages, a piggy bank scheme or recommended joint loans to suit your needs.
  • If struggling to choose between two suggested sizes – many girls would advise going with the biggest. Keep this in mind.
  • Make sure Clinichub emails don’t go in your spam as these might contain late space discounts.
  • You must be in a healthy BMI range to have your procedure. Your healthy BMI range is between 19-32.
  • Bring 2 forms of ID and don't forget your NHS Number!


  • Make sure you’ve had something to eat and drink before your appointment as this makes taking blood easier and less painful!
  • Good idea to be at your ideal weight before you have your BA as loosing / gaining weight afterwards could have an effect on the final cup size.
  • If you haven’t already, join the Clinichub Forum and speak to girls on similar journeys to get an idea of what you’ll be going through and how you may feel emotionally before, during and after the procedure.
  • Buy a ‘v pillow’ to help with sleeping the first few weeks after op - these are available at Argos. This helps with sleeping upright (which you are advised to do), the v pillow helps reduce swelling.
  • Get a full leg, underarm and bikini wax so you don’t have to worry about shaving post op!
  • Invest in a couple of good post-op bras such like our very own Clinichub lingerie.
  • 2 weeks before your procedure make sure you quit drinking and smoking. Drinking will thin the blood and make bleeding more likely. Smoking reduces the oxygen in your cells and delays healing.
  • 7 days before – do not wear any fake tan.


  • Take a dressing gown and slippers.
  • Take your laptop, magazines or books as you will probably be waiting around a fair while before being taken down to theatre.
  • Take out any piercings or replace with plastic versions.
  • Take off fake eyelashes, (metal) hair extensions, nail polish, fake nails, and don’t put any moisturizer or deodorant on that day.
  • Take sports drinks for energy and re-hydration after procedure.
  • Take your phone charger and camera with you to take before pictures.
  • If you get nausea after general anesthesia – ask your nurses to give you anti-sickness medication.


  • You’re not allowed to shower for several days post-op, so make sure you buy antibacterial baby wipes to stay clean.
  • After your dressings are removed, clean the pen marks using aqueous cream with water. It’s a non-irritant cleanser and can be used on your scars when closed. You can find it at a local pharmacy.
  • Protein is good for wound and muscle healing, so make sure you eat lots of turkey, chicken, fish, tofu, low fat meats or any other protein rich foods.
  • You’ll start to have an idea of the final shape and cup size around six weeks, but everyone heals differently so be aware that it could be another few weeks, even months before you see your final results.
  • Fluffing/ Dropping – your body is adjusting to your implants through tissue expansion and upper breast fullness decreases and lower breast fullness increases over time. Breasts can drop at a different rate so don’t be worried if one drops before the other. Typically, it takes between six weeks – three months.
  • For at least a year, make sure you use at least SPF 30 sunscreen on your scars but it is best to completely cover them up.
  • Two weeks after your procedure, make sure you continue to not drink or smoke. Drinking thins the blood and makes you vulnerable to bleeding. Smoking reduces the oxygen levels in your cells and delays healing.


  • Be prepared to take 1-2 weeks off work.
  • Put your essentials (such as cups, tea bags, medication) at home down to waist level so you’re not stretching up to get them.
  • Buy a ‘v pillow’ to help you sleep sitting up and place a pillow under your lower back and under your knees for extra comfort.
  • Start going back to gym (light exercise) / running after 6 weeks with a well fitted sports bra.
  • Don’t horse ride for three months.
  • Stay away from driving for up to two weeks.
  • Sex – it is advised to avoid for 6 weeks until everything settles down. But if absolutely necessary, please make sure it is not vigorous as it can cause problems like capsular contracture.
  • Not allowed to take a shower for a few days post-op (or until you’ve seen your nurse). You can sit in a bath but make sure you do not get your dressings or incisions wet.
  • If you have small children who need lifting, please make sure you do not lift them for 6 weeks.
  • Don’t try to take a bath unaided until two weeks post-op – might not get out again!
  • To get up from a sleeping position place your arms around your knees and rock backwards and forwards.
  • Only wear a wired bra after your 6 week nurse’s appointment. Have your nurse confirm this as it can aggravate your scars and prolong the healing time.


  • Tight sports bra for trying on implants at consultation.
  • Magazines, books and sports drink to take to the hospital.
  • Front fastening tops and pajamas.
  • 2x post-op bras for comfort and help with healing (You may also acquire them from Clinichub)
  • ‘V pillow’ to help you sleep after your procedure.
  • Antibacterial wipes for cleaning in first week after surgery (not over incisions).
  • Aqueous cream to take off pen marks after dressing removal.


Overs – implants placed over the muscle

Unders – implants placed over the muscle

Partials – implants between the fascical tissue and muscle

Rippling – you can get if you have very little breast tissue or if your implants are too big. Sometimes you can see it and not feel it, sometimes you can feel it and not see it. Mentor brand helps protect against rippling. Normally rippling cannot be reversed.

Fluffing/ Dropping – your body adjusting to your implants through tissue expansion and the upper breast fullness decreases and the lower breast fullness increases. Breasts can drop at a different rate so don’t be worried if one drops.

Capsular Contracture – an excessive amount of scar tissue causes the breast to harden and distort. This is why it is important not to exercise for up to 6 weeks post-op. This is primarily caused by exercise but can sometimes just be a risk associated with the surgery. You’ll be given information about your procedure in detail from your nurse in your pre op, so don’t worry!

Emergency line – keep your business card that your nurse gives you as this has the 24/7 nurse-led line on it.