Penis Enlargement Surgery Informations

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Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey, also known as phalloplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enlarge, augment the size, length and/or girth of the penis permanently.

Men looking to undergo penile augmentation in Istanbul seek to feel more confident and also to treat several issues associated with an undersized penis, such as performance anxiety, impotence as well as many other psychological insecurities.

Results of penile enlargement surgery in Turkey

Most patients who have undergone penis enlargement surgery in Turkey received a 1-2inch increase in length and girth. The result of a penile augmentation surgery in Turkey is an elongated penis with better sexual performance.


Good candidates for penoplasty surgery in Turkey

There are a handful of reasons why male patients opt for a penis enlargement procedure. Below are some of the most common reasons for penile augmentation surgery:

Genetic malformation


Penoplasty for this purpose aims to correct a micro penis, a condition in which the penis is too small to perform sexually without being corrected.

Medical functionality

Men with a penis size of about 10cm in length and 9cm in width may seek penis augmentation for aesthetic or psychological reasons.

Whatever the reasons may be, male enhancement surgery is a serious procedure that should not be taken lightly. Once you decide to undergo penile enhancement surgery in Turkey, you should consult our professional surgeons to determine your eligibility for the surgery and whether your health and age may hinder your ability to take this procedure.


Penoplasty Turkey procedure


How does a penile enlargement surgery work

When it comes to penis enlargement surgery, there are various surgical techniques. Our plastic surgeons in Turkey use natural inserts to implant human tissue into the penis, tailoring the size to the patient’s penis shape. This technique eliminates the risk of infection, inflammation or allergic reactions because the natural inserts are made from human tissue. Moreover, the results are completely natural and permanent. Penoplasty in Turkey is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. The surgery will require general or sedation anesthesia. Immediately after the surgery, you will notice that your penis is larger in size (length and girth), when flaccid and erect.


Types of penile enlargement surgeries in Turkey


Pubic lift penis enlargement technique

Some male patients have excess skin in the pubic area, which may result in hidden penis syndrome. In such cases, our plastic surgeons can perform a public lift procedure to remove the hanging skin and to elevate the pubic region. This results in much more of the penis being conspicuous, hence enhancing the overall size of the penis.


Dermal penile fat graft

Dermal penile fat graft—also referred to as penile enlargement grafting— is a new technique used in male genital enhancement surgeries designed to widen the penis girth by removing a small portion of the skin and fat from beneath the buttocks. The extracted fat is then placed under the penile skin making for a much thicker penis.


Platelet rich plasma penis augmentation

Platelet rich plasma, commonly known as PRP, is another non-surgical male genital enhancement option that has proved to achieve a stronger and a sturdier penis with longer erection and robust sexual performance—without a full surgical procedure.

Platelet rich plasma penis augmentation in Turkey is performed by drawing a blood sample and extracting the platelet from blood cells. The platelets contain the energy and growth factors to regenerate tissue in the body.

Penis enlargement doctors in Turkey

Penis enlargement doctors in Turkey are very experienced plastic surgeons who have performed male genital enhancement treatments multiple times with successful results. Penis enlargement doctors in Istanbul are specialised in treating micro penile disorders, loss of penis size and function and anti-aging procedure.

Penis enlargement surgery recovery

Following your penis enlargement surgery, you can expect some mild pain that can be managed with prescription pain medication. Some swelling, possible bruising and discomfort can be experienced during erections for the first two weeks after the penis enlargement in Turkey. However, any pain or discomfort can be alleviated with medication

Cost of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

The cost of penile girth enlargement surgery in Turkey is quite affordable for UK patients. Male patients looking for a male genital enhancement surgery in Europe can save up to 70 percent on their penis enlargement surgery in Turkey. Clinichub offer all-inclusive penis enlargement surgery covering the treatment cost, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, interpreter and a patient host.

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