Recovery House

Clinichub Recovery House is a post-surgery care house located in Ataşehir, the Center of the Asian Side of Istanbul. The main objective of the Recovery House is to support our patients recovering from a surgery journey by providing a relaxing, cosy environment. Recovery House consists of the Master room and the Twin room, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bathrooms. We provide for you 7/24 private nursing care, highly qualified professional staff, clean and nutritious food service and transportation. There are also large screen flat tv, complimentary Wifi, Netflix belonging to the Recovery House to spend your time there in a delighted way.

The recovery period of surgery is one of the most significant parts of your plastic surgery journey. As Recovery House, we are here to assist you before, during and after your visit to Clinichub.

Our Rooms

Our rooms consist of twin and master room. While the master room has two twin bed, twin room provides two single bed. Each room can easily access the Wifi. Duvets, pillows will be provided by us. They also have hair-dryer, multi-line telephone, private wardrobe, bedside cabinets. If you need to use iron and iron board, please request from our team.

Our rooms offer comfort and various amenities to ensure a relaxing stay and remedial surgery aftercare. They were designed with elegant soft colours that you can feel yourself more serene and relax. In addition to that, they make you feel at your home with their warm and cosy touches. Our rooms offer a spectacular, modern view with large spacious windows. So you can enjoy the spectacular city view. Experience the luxurious and warming touch of Recovery House with bright, stylish rooms in choice materials, useful amenities and caring service that answers all your needs after the surgery.

Living Room

The living room is designed for you to experience high-quality standards during your recovery period. You can enjoy resting in the living room whenever you want. The living room is equipped with appealing seating arrangements and furniture items, a large flat screen TV which is also connected with Netflix, different types of flowers. It will be relaxing for you to hang out and experience the cosy environment of the living room. You can also get our special healing drinks from the kitchen with you and enjoy watching whichever movie you want!


We serve 7/24 hot beverages and detox drinks at our kitchen area. As Clinichub Recovery House, we support your recovery period providing healthy, clean and natural food and drinks. For this reason, we only use organic and seasonal products when we prepare our drinks for you. These drinks will help get rid of the swelling seen after the surgery and fight off the inflammation. So, our nutritionist made special detox water for your precious guests. You should try and enjoy this delicious and full of health drink!

Dining Area

Full of health and delicious meals are served in the dining area. We are offering nutritious and well-balanced meals, drinks, snacks to your precious guests here. We serve 3 main meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 different snacks daily. At the dining area, not only you can enjoy a delighted mealtime here, but you can also take your free time. Our guests like hanging out and using our Internet service in this area as well.


Transport from the Airport to Recovery House

Our transfer team will be waiting for you with the cardboard at the non-custom exit area of the airport. After you picked up, you will be transferred to the Recovery House for a nice rest before your surgery day.

Transport from Recovery House to Hospital

You will be transferred from the Recovery House to the hospital on the day of your surgery in the morning or the nights before at around midnight point for your pre-consultation and surgery.

Transport from Recovery House to the Airport

After your recovery process is done, our transfer team will take you to the airport. We will provide for you the most comfortable and relax journey during your stay!

Pet Policy

Recovery House does only allow emotional support animals during your stay. Our solely request from you to tell the details about your pet before you visit us.