About Us

Clinichub is a leader in providing affordable and high quality medical treatments by internationally certified surgeons. We are highly experienced and specialized in the areas of plastic surgery Turkey and cosmetic treatments, hair transplantation, dental treatments and weight loss surgery. Our medical team has treated many patients from various countries such as United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Our clinics offer a comprehensive range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures provided by a board-certified, English-speaking medical team. All the cosmetic goals of our patients can be achieved in our technological advanced, well-equipped facilities. 

Our overall mission is to provide patients with safe, effective and natural-looking results.

Always with you, Wherever you are.

Hair Restoration

For men and women alike, hair loss and thinning can be embarrassing conditions that leave you lacking confidence. At Clinichub, our expert team of hair loss specialists works to restore hair through surgical and non-invasive procedures – letting you get back to being you. Our team offers several proven hair restoration procedures, including:

  • Hair transplant
  • Beard transplant
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Hair growth factor
  • Hair mesotherapy
  • Hairline lowering
  • Moustache transplant
  • PRP treatment
  • Strip scar surgery

If hair loss is getting you down, we’re here to help. Contact one of our specialists today to get started!

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you want to simply enhance your natural beauty and get a fresh look, plastic and cosmetic surgery opens up doors to a whole new you. The professional, understanding team at Clinichub works collaboratively with you to get everything just right. Our surgeons use some of the most cutting-edge technologies to provide services like:

Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a way to live your life on your own terms – free from shame and full of confidence. Our team is ready to help your dreams become reality.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is a common goal, but can be a tricky one. Being overweight can lead to a slew of health issues, but slimming down is often difficult – or impossible – without help. Our team of weight loss experts at Clinichub understand how hard it can be, and well-versed in the most contemporary weight loss interventions, including:

  • Gastric balloons
  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass
  • Transit Bipartition (Diabetes Surgery)

When you need to lose weight, Clinichub is here to help. We understand when you can’t do it alone, and provide the top treatments to help you reach your weight loss goal.

Dental Care

Most people dread going to the dentist, but at Clinichub we work to make the dentist’s chair a positive experience. From routine cleanings to tooth implants, denture services and orthodontics, our dedicated team will ensure that your next dentist’s visit is smooth, professional, and delivers the results you need. We offer traditional dental services as well as newer technologies to help you find the perfect smile, including:

  • Dental bridges, crowns, and veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth cleaning and whitening
  • Tooth filling
  • Tooth extractions and root canals
  • Sinus lifts
  • Orthodontics


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