Eat light foods one day before the surgery. Stop smoking at least one day before surgery. Stop taking blood thinning medications, herbs and supplements. Stop alcohol consumption at least one day before surgery. Do not eat or drink in the day of surgery.
Medications given by the doctor are used regular basis. You may feel nausea after the surgery. Use your medications as prescribed. You should rest at least one day after the surgery. Eat slowly and schedule your meals according to your diet list. Eliminate fast food and sodas. Do not do sports activities for at least 4 days. It is recommended to do short walks.
Before your treatment, you will have a detailed consultation with your doctor.  Next day after surgery morning, you will have a consultation with your doctor and you will have your personalized diet list.  After your treatment, your doctor will check your health conditions and explain you the usage of your medications.  You may need more consultations with your doctor.
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