Hair Transplant without Shaving

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More often than not hair transplant patients are looking for ways to restore their hair by undergoing hair transplant surgery—without having to shave their head. 

The demands of our daily lives and the nature of our professions spur many hair loss patients to search for a less invasive hair restoration technique to avoid the stigmatized surgery look of hair transplant. 

Women— who wear their hair longer —are self-conscious about getting back to work and their normal routine after undergoing the surgery.

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Just as you would expect from a leading hair transplant destination, Turkey offers no-shave hair transplant treatments in Istanbul for an affordable price.  

Unshaven FUE hair transplant Turkey is an innovative hair restoration technique that has been sought-out by famed celebrities in Hollywood. Luckily, you don’t need to be a Hollywood star to restore hair naturally and undetectably.

Non-shaven FUE hair transplant Turkey is created for patients who cannot afford to have noticeable signs of hair transplant surgery or long recovery time after the procedure. It's is a highly-specialized technique in which the surgeon carefully extracts donor hairs without having to shave the entire head.

Hair transplant Turkey surgeons will trim the donor hairs and transplant the follicles into the recipient area (balding area) for immediate results. Patients get to keep their favorite hairstyle while the surgery results are invisible.   

Benefits of hair transplant without shaving in Turkey 

  • Patients can return to work and normal routine in a short period of time 
  • The technique conceals signs of scarring in the recipient area 
  • Perfect for a revision hair transplant surgery to hide scarring from previous hair transplant procedure—such as linear scars
  • Scab and crust formation are kept to a minimum 
  • Shorter recovery time

Good candidates for unshaven hair transplant in Turkey

Men and women who wish to conceal signs of hair transplant surgery for personal and job-related reasons can be good candidates for a no-shave hair transplant in Turkey. 

You may be a good candidate for no-shave hair transplant in Turkey if you are:

  • Seeking virtually-undetectable results 
  • Seeking a short recovery period 
  • Wearing your hair long 

Hair transplant without shaving procedure Turkey 

The hair transplant doctors will only trim the donor follicle hairs while keeping all other hair at the same length. During the unshaven hair transplant in Istanbul, hair transplant specialists will hide the trimmed donor follicles among the surrounding full-length hair, leaving you with a completely natural-looking appearance. The no-shave hair transplant Turkey technique—perfectly suited for female and male hair loss patients—makes for virtually undetectable outcome.

No-shave hair transplant techniques 

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can perform no-shave hair transplant using a handful of hair restoration techniques—which have proven to be very successful. 

Unshaven FUE hair transplant Turkey 

The traditional follicular unit extraction hair transplant Turkey is one of the most commonly-performed hair restoration methods due to its non-invasive nature and short downtime. No shave FUE hair transplant in Turkey is carried out by harvesting follicles from thin bands of hair on the scalp to avoid shaving any part of their head. 

Unshaven DHI hair transplant Turkey 

During a non-shaven DHI hair transplant Turkey technique, the strands of hair are trimmed and the transplantation is performed using choi Implanted pen, in which hair follicles are inserted one at a time into the recipient area (hair loss area) of the scalp. 

No-shave hair transplant Turkey price  

The cost of unshaven hair transplant Turkey is exponentially affordable for English patients due to the lower cost of living, inexpensive overhead cost and high exchange rate of the English Pound to Turkish Lira. Clinichub offers all-inclusive hair transplant packages to international patients covering the treatment cost, hotel accommodation, medication, interpreter, patient host, PRP and mesotherapy hair treatments. European patients traveling to Turkey for unshaven FUE hair transplant in Turkey will be able to save up to 70% on their hair restoration treatment