Afro Hair Transplant

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Hair loss can occur in all races. While Caucasian individuals seem to suffer the most from hair loss, black men and women, too, can be affected by thinning hair and baldness.

Hair transplant surgery Turkey is a tried-and-tested hair restoration method to permanently restore hair growth and improve patient confidence. Hair loss patients of African or Caribbean descent can also take advantage of hair transplant surgery to regain their youthful appearance and natural hair.

Since Black Afro hair is characterized by a unique root and curly nature, a hair transplant surgery can be more of a challenge than a hair transplant on a Caucasian patient. Afro hairline can have both a short hair-line and a medium-high hairline; whereas Caucasian men have a high hairline.

Hair transplant experts in Turkey offer exceptional skills and extensive experience in ethnic hair restoration and ethnic cosmetic surgery. Our Afro hair transplant surgeons of Turkey understand the common challenges facing Black patients who are suffering from hair loss—hence they can custom-design appropriate hair transplant techniques to meet the unique traits of an Afro hair.

Black hair transplant in Turkey caters to the particular nature of the African hair by devising a highly specialized treatment technique to achieve the best desired results.

Good candidates for Black hair transplant surgery

Hair loss in men is often a result of Androgenic Alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Baldness, which usually occurs in the crown area of the head.

However, in Afro men, a diffuse pattern can sometimes be the root cause of hair loss. Our hair transplant surgeons are knowledgeable about the various types of hair diseases that can affect female Black patients and are well-versed in the special ethnic hair restoration techniques.

Hair transplant surgery on black women 

Black women suffering from Traction Alopecia hair loss—due to tight braids and chemical relaxing—are good candidates for Afro hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Black female hair transplant Turkey Hair loss in African women can be different. The most common condition that affects African females is traction alopecia—which can occur as a result of tight braiding, extensions or chemical relaxers.

Before Black hair transplant in Turkey is performed, our hair transplant doctors assess the hair loss condition and investigate its causes.

Traction alopecia and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia are some of the common hair loss causes in female African patients. Most women with thinning hair problems seek out female hair transplant Turkey; however black female hair transplant can offer a more tailored surgical approach to address the causes of hair loss in black female patients. 

Hair transplant Turkey for black males

When it comes to hair loss, Black Afro male individuals have specific particularities as opposed to their Caucasian or Asian counterparts—which makes it crucial for hair transplant experts to have the required experience and understanding of these subtle nuances.

That being said, an Afro hair transplant in Turkey is performed using just the same hair restoration techniques—with some specific modifications—as a Caucasian hair transplant procedure

The curliness in black males makes follicular unit extraction (FUE) a difficult technique—which sometimes leads to the employment of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method if FUE proves too difficult to extract the hair follicles.

Some patients with Afro hair can experience a problem with healing, called Keloid formation, in which large thick scars can form even after a minor skin wound. This problem may occur in Black patients who had FUT hair transplantation.

Afro-Caribbean hair transplant

Afro-Caribbean hair is typically curlier than that of Caucasian hair. This poses some specific challenges because the curl occurs under the skin, which makes it difficult to use follicular unit extraction. The hair graft of the curl is larger and can't be packed in. For this reason, many hair surgeons avoid FUE and switch to the older strip method, which is known to have a longer recovery time.

Our hair restoration experts have had resounding success with Afro-Caribbean hair transplants in Turkey using FUE and other hair transplant techniques to create naturally-looking results on patients of all races and ethnicities, including Afro-Caribbean.

Afro hair transplant Turkey operation

In an Afro hair transplant in Istanbul, our doctors will follow the hair’s natural angle and adjust the degree at different locations to ensure natural hair growth, allowing patients to style their hair however they please.

The traditional follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant method is employed in a black hair restoration procedure in Turkey to meet the different unique requirements of African hair type. It's not uncommon to use follicular unit transplant (FUT) method in a black hair transplant procedure to address the particular curliness of Afro hair, existing above and under the skin.

Black hair transplant Turkey techniques

During an Afro hair transplant Turkey surgery, hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul use a special method that implants the hair grafts in the recipient area using a “screw in” pattern that guarantees that the transplant will be healthy.

Black hair transplant Turkey doctors

Our ethnic hair restoration doctors in Istanbul take pride in offering extensive experience to patients of diverse ethnicities. Their know-how and hands-on experience allowed them to overcome the challenges of Black hair transplant surgery—by using some specific modifications to deliver excellent hair results.

Many patients of African and Afro-Caribbean descent have sought out our ethnic hair restoration experts because of their exceptional and unique skills.

Black hair transplant cost in Turkey

The overall cost of black male hair transplant in Turkey is quite affordable for UK and Western European patients. The lower cost of living, high exchange rate of the English Pound to Turkish Lisa allow overseas patients to save up to 70 percent on their treatment cost. Clinichub offers all-inclusive hair transplant packages, which entail the treatment cost, hotel accommodation, medication, patient host and an interpreter.