What We Provide?

  •  We provide you with body surrounding garments based on your operation.
  • Faja is provided for operations based on liposuction with or without fat injection, Medical Bra is provided for every breast surgery, Patches for Chin liposuction, and other bodies part surrounding garments for Arm Lift, Thigh Lift is provided as well.)
  • We provide you with stocking socks, which you are requested to wear during your hospital stay and, on your flight, back to home.
  • If you wish to buy an extra pair of any garment, it can be requested from the company to provide one for you after your surgery, and you can purchase it here. As your size is subject to change, it will not be a precise and healthy the decision to decide which size you need your surgery garment to be before coming over here.
  • You will be prescribed and provided with painkillers belonging to the drug class of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). In cases where the patient needs stronger painkillers, they can request is based on the pain they experience after the surgery. As one can appreciate, giving the strongest painkillers as a first instance is not our first option and priority.
  • You will be prescribed and provided with antibiotics for prophylactic purposes to avoid any infection that may happen due to open cuts or wounds.


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