Post-Surgical Instructions


The vast majority of surgeries requires only a night stay in the hospital. Larger operations however will require a 2-night hospital stay.

A postoperative visit with our surgeon and one of our specialist nurses will be scheduled prior to your departure home. During this visit, all postoperative details will be discussed and scheduled. All postoperative recovery tapes and dressings will also be provided to you.

  • You are requested not to swim and not to have a bath for 1 month after your surgery.
  • The temperature of water for showering purposes should not be too hot as it can possibly cause infections. The water is suggested to be mild in terms of temperature.
  • You should use your surgery garments for as long as you are recommended so, for the best results.
  • No heavy sports, heavy lifting or running for 2 weeks of time after your surgery. On the other hand, you are also requested not to be completely inactive and immobilized after your surgery.
  • It is recommended for you to have short walks regularly to help with the blood circulation and to keep the metabolic rate high.


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