The New Faces of Nose Job

The New Faces of Nose Job

Nose job treatment can be tailored just for you—and you only. Discover the new trends, techniques of rhinoplasty offered at Clinichub Turkey.

There’s no such thing as the perfect nose—but there’s a perfect nose for you. Rhinoplasty surgery is changing, as we know it. 

New trends, advanced techniques and custom-fit treatment plans have created a new breed of rhinoplasty surgeries to meet the evolving demands and the aesthetic goals of millennial patients.

Gone are the days when female patients were seeking a Barbie-perfect nose—they are now looking for the ‘perfect-for-me’ rhinoplasty fix to complement their facial features and to harmoniously blend their aesthetic transformation with their overall appearance. 

Rhinoplasty has always been the epitome of plastic surgery—designed to refine the shape, size and angle of the nose, in order to fit a Eurocentric image of beauty, which is characterized by narrower noses.

But in recent years, cosmetic surgery techniques have been updated and upgraded to suit the growing need for customized nose job treatments. The newly born nose job is no longer about conforming to the widely perceived image of beauty—but it's now about what fits your facial appearance and what makes you stand out.   

‘Perfect for me’ Rhinoplasty 

The latest beauty trends have moved towards a personalized cosmetic treatment and away from the all one-size-fits-all looks. Patients are becoming more aware of their unique beauty and are not embarrassed to embrace it. 

While 20 years ago, this trend would mean a true reversal of the in-fashion rhinoplasty, today it is a manifestation of individualization and an embodiment of a unique identity.

Most patients seeking the customary nose job at some point in their lives were trying to fit in as teenagers or young adults. Now they are older and more comfortable in their own skin—and confident to regain distinctive beauty that sets them apart. 

This new trend may mean adding volume to their nose, reducing its size—or making a more pronounced nose. The treatments achieving these cosmetic goals might be performed surgically or non-surgically. For instance, dermal fillers—such as Juvederm or Restylane—can help reshape the bridge of the nose. Fillers can also add a subtle bump in the nose. 

Rhinoplasty surgeons are fully aware of the current trends. As such, they make conscious effort to not make the results of the rhinoplasty too perfect or symmetrical. 

During the pre-surgery consultation, nose job surgeons take into account the overall shape of the face, as well as the patient’s race and ethnicity when deciding on the treatment technique. This also holds true for patients seeking ethnic rhinoplasty. 

Nose job abroad 

In present day, rhinoplasty patients are taking to the skies in search for the perfect-for-me rhinoplasty operation. Traveling abroad has become an upward trend as more and more patients realizing the financial benefits of plastic surgery tourism and the expert skills of international doctors.

Turkey is one of the most visited medical tourism hubs in 2018—thanks to affordable treatment options, experienced medical practitioners and the country’s convenient geographic location. 

Nose job Turkey can enhance the shape and size of the nose and help restore normal functions. 

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey: A cultural bridge 

Black nose job Turkey 

Patients of African heritage may wish to add definition to the tips of their noses or narrow their nostrils without erasing their unique ethnic characteristics. Black nose job surgery in Turkey can achieve a subtle approach to strike a balance between the patient’s aesthetic goals and their distinctive ethnic features. 

Asian Rhinoplasty Turkey 

Asian rhinoplasty Turkey is an ethnic plastic surgery treatment designed for patients of Asian descent. The treatment is designed to augment the size of the nose, as most Asian noses tend to have flatter bridges with wider nostrils than other ethnicities.

Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons can add definition to the bridge of the nose while narrowing the nostrils at the same time. 

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Nose job for men 

Male rhinoplasty is becoming increasingly common today. 

The male nose is characterized by a prominent straight bridge—and a nasal tip that projects at a 90-degree angle between the nose and upper lip.

The male plastic surgery procedure aims to addresses the distinctive facial characteristics of men, resulting in a masculinized appearance of the nose and an improved overall facial look. 

Rhinoplasty recovery 

In the days following rhinoplasty, you may experience some pain, which can be alleviated with the aid of prescribed medication.

Some nose surgery patients experience swelling, bleeding and bruising following the rhinoplasty surgery. These side effects are temporary and usually, subside within a week or two. Patients can return to work and their daily routines two weeks after the surgery.

Trends and fads come and go, but plastic surgery will always stay! Cosmetic surgery—when performed by a qualified surgeon—is a great means to improve upon certain imperfections and to present the best versions of ourselves.

To learn more about our rhinoplasty surgical techniques and our ethnic plastic surgery treatments, contact us today. 


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