Ethnic Plastic Surgery in Turkey: A Rising Trend

Ethnic Plastic Surgery in Turkey: A Rising Trend

Plastic surgery is a rising trend—so is ethnic plastic surgery in Turkey. Discover what Istanbul has to offer for patients of ethnic origin.

Ethnic plastic surgery is a term used to describe any cosmetic surgery performed for patients of ethnic descent. 

As plastic surgery has become an exploding trend, ethnic patients have grown aware of what treatment options are available to address their unique cosmetic concerns. 

With the rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries performed among Caucasians, higher numbers of ethnic minorities are looking for a customized cosmetic surgery to tailor-fit their distinct physical features. 

The popular trend of plastic surgery, in general, has helped to erase the stigmatized stereotype that has been once associated with plastic surgery and ethnic identity. Additionally, advanced technology, improved cosmetic techniques and affordable cost abroad have also contributed to the rising demand for ethnic cosmetic surgery. 

The growing demand for ethnic plastic surgery in the UK and the higher cost of cosmetic surgery spurred patients to seek out affordable alternatives abroad. 

When mentioning affordable plastic surgery abroad, Turkey must come to mind. Turkey is a prominent hub of cosmetic surgery care providing a safe and affordable alternative to the exorbitant cost of cosmetic surgery treatments in the UK. 

Patients of ethnic origins in the UK take heart from the fact that Turkey is only a 4-hour flight away to achieve their dream look without breaking the bank.  

Ethnic considerations in plastic surgery 

People of unique ethnic background often have distinctive features—bone and body structures. 

Plastic surgeons in Turkey aim to provide a fine balance between the patient’s cosmetic goals and their unique ethnic attributes—which means paying close attention to the features of the patient to enhance the appearance while embracing the patient’s unique ethnic features—and without diminishing their identity. 

People of diverse ethnic ancestry exhibit different signs of aging than their Caucasian counterparts do. As such, ethnic plastic surgeons in Istanbul work to address the underlying issues of aging, while taking the patient’s background in consideration.

For example, many non-Caucasian patients have skin than is usually thicker and less prone to aging and wrinkling— for this reason, signs of aging tend to be sagging rather than the crinkled look seen in Northern Europeans.  

Some patients with darker skin can show more noticeable scarring—therefore plastic surgeons utilize special technique to wound closure in a cosmetic procedure for ethnic patients to avoid unsightly scarring and to prevent the development of thick scars.  

Ethnic plastic surgery treatments in Turkey 

With today's diverse cultures, lifestyle and background, there isn't a one-size-fits-all cosmetic surgery for everyone.

As an example, people of diverse ethnic origins tend to have unique structures to their noses. The flatter noses—common in several ethnic groups—can be corrected by grafting cartilage from elsewhere in the body to achieve a more refined appearance. This approach aims to bring about improved overall appearance of the face without erasing the ethnic characteristics of the patient’s face. 

Black nose surgery Turkey 

Ethnic nose plastic surgery 

Many patients of African American descent seek black nose surgery in Turkey to improve the shape and definition of their nose.

Plastic surgeons often find it appropriate to augment the nose. Black nose may seem to have a low, broad bridge and the tip may appear to be wide and undefined. 

African American rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey are trained to create the most natural-looking nasal modification of an African-American nose—which is designed to look and function better than before. 

Asian rhinoplasty Turkey 

Asian nose is aesthetically and anatomically unique from a Caucasian nose. Asian typically have a shorter mid-face than Caucasians. Asian noses usually have a flatter, less-projecting bridge; more rounded tip and flared nostrils. 

When it comes to the interior of the Asian nose, it’s also structurally different from a Caucasian nose. 

Asians usually have thicker skin and more sebaceous glands. The cosmetic goal of Asian rhinoplasty Turkey is to create a harmonious, natural-looking and defined nose that complements the Asian’s patient’s facial features. 

In an Asian nose job in Turkey, patients frequently require augmentation and reshaping of their nose. The bridge needs to be elevated—and the tip of the nose needs to be narrowed, projected and prolonged. 

Our Asian rhinoplasty surgeons in Istanbul offer extensive experience in nasal surgery and grasp the subtle cosmetic and structural complexities of Asian facial anatomy. 

Arfo Hair Transplant Turkey

African American hair has different roots—and the hair tend to be wavy or curly. This can make it more challenging for hair transplant surgeons to extract these hairs without causing damage to the follicles. 

Our ethnic hair transplant surgeons had great success with all hair transplants and are well versed in addressing the unique challenges of black hair transplantation. 

Turkey’s hair transplant surgeons’ skill and precision in the extraction process of black hair enable them to place the follicles in the right angle and to mimic the patient's natural growth pattern. 

Why Clinichub Turkey for ethnic plastic surgery 

At Clinichub, we take pride in specializing in ethnic plastic surgery. We receive many patients of African American, Asian and Middle Eastern origin. Located in the world's most strategic locations, Istanbul has become a melting pot of cultures and a hub of ethnic plastic surgery specialists.

To learn more about our ethnic plastic surgery treatments, contact us today for a free consultation and a free price quote. 


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